Scene 1: I got my second and last pneumonia shot. The site is a bit sore.

Scene 2:

I’m creating a list of things adults do that I don’t understand.

people seem to thrive on drama. I remember back on Xanga we would talk about the drama llama.

Random rage:
I hate it when I randomly “trigger” someone and a rage pours out of them and all over me. I’m usually totally surprised and taken off guard.

Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results and getting angry about it:
I am guilty of this. Maybe it’s one of the perils being a teacher. Over my adult life’s I have jokingly referred to myself as a arrow sign on the side of the pointing out the way. That job has become increasingly frustrating.

Being yelled at for helping the other:
This has almost stopped me from helping people. I’m much more cautious than I once was. I’ll often watch people screw up rather than try to help.

Not everyone appreciates random acts of kindness:
Me: Would you like a yummy cookie?”

Me: “Do you need some help?”
Fear?: “Get away from me!”

One time I saw my neighbor get off the bus with several paper bags filled with groceries. I was passing right by her and right by her door on the way to my apartment. I offered to help her carry her groceries to the door. She dropped her things and fled inside.

I think this list reveals where I need to do shadow work.

Scene 3:

We enjoyed a fun campfire tonight.Campfire

We toasted marshmallows and made s’mores.

QOTD: Don’t be afraid of losing all the lies that need to be lost. Be more afraid of not finding the naked truth that, in the depths of you, screams to be found. You can’t lose what you no longer are. And what is really yours will never leave you. ~ Andrea Bal

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