I went out in the world today to take care of some things. One of those was a stop at a grocery store. I listened while a customer explained all about rationing to the store manager. The entire time the store manager kept explaining there was no shortage and that store is fully stocked every morning. The obese, rationing spouting, customer had a buggy filled with meat. There was plenty of meat to purchase still on display. I got my little bit of stuff and went to get gas.

The price was right for me at $1.65 a gallon. The tank was below ¼. I walked inside to prepay and the waiting customers all adjusted so the 6’ distance was maintained while we awaited the clerk. While I was pumping, a younger man passed nearby and sneezed. He immediately started apologizing and explains about his allergies. It is full blown pollen season spring here. I felt sorry for him an wonder what had happened earlier to make him so sensitive. He sneezed. I didn’t even look up until he started apologizing.

Let me wrap this all up. I went outside and touched things others had touched. I spoke with people. I breathed air. I sanitized a lot. I washed my hands often. I tried to remain 6’ away. In 14 days I could be fighting for my life. Or not. What an adventure.

Be chill. Be safe. Don’t Panic! Wear your mask.

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate all of you.

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