Scene 1:
I love serendipity.   A random song from a hymnal where I journal.

Hymn: Weary of All Trumpeting.

Scene 2:

I am using an old hymnal for my junk/art/spiritual journey/whatever journal. That journal is the source for the song in Scene 1 and the QOTD:

Our Earth We Now Lament to See

Our earth we now lament to see
With floods of wickedness overflowed,
With violence, wrong, and cruelty,
One wide-extended field of blood,
Where men like fiends each other tear,
In all the hellish rage of war.

As listed on Abaddon’s side,
They mangle their own flesh, and slay:
Tophet is moved, and opens wide
Its mouth for its enormous prey;
And myriads sink beneath the grave,
And plunge into the flaming wave.

O might the universal Friend
This havoc of His creatures see!
Bid our unnatural discord end;
Declare us reconciled in Thee!
Write kindness on our inward parts,
And chase the murderer from our hearts!

Who now against each other rise,
The nations of the earth constrain
To follow after peace, and prize
The blessings of Thy righteous reign,
The joys of unity to prove,
The paradise of perfect love!

~ Charles Wesley

Scene 3:

2019 was the Osho Tarot year. 2020 is year of the soul cards.

This is my first draw in February. Soul cards

To be honest, Soul Cards might not work out. Stay tuned. Hahahahaha

QOTD:  “That asshole Reaper.  He didn’t even give you a digital one!”  ~ Diablero

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