My Memorial Day Weekend

May 23
A 4 mile walk
Worked on my art projects
Drummed and practiced ukulele
Meditation for a few hours
Made veggie food
Hung out with my friend
Thought different thoughts as much as possible.

May 24 began with a 2 mile hike. At a distance I had a conversation with a fellow hiker. There was a lot of yelling. hahahaha She was walking a beautiful white dog.
After I returned to WHQ, I enjoyed a cup of iced coffee and a mandarin for breakfast, some journaling, and a life threatening trip to the Beeswax convenience store and grill. No masked shoppers other than me. Most people abided by the social distancing guidelines. The floor of the entire store was marked off in 6’ intervals. Sad as it is, I risked my life for a beer run.

May 25
Memorial Day
I started the day with coffee and a banana at 5 am.
Next was a 3 mile hike down by the lake.
The sunrise was lovely this morning.

Lay Lake

I encountered this turtle. I apologized for interrupting it’s journey. I like to believe that crossing paths with a turtle is a positive omen bringing happiness.


As I continued I came upon a Killdeer nest. I am amazed at them. It surprises me that the eggs survive.

Lunch was a far cry from the standard Memorial Day BBQ with family and friends. Cabbage soup and a beer for me today. I do miss my mom’s pound cake on occasions like this.
Feeling kind of alone on this holiday. It’s because I pick it.

The dream: I dreamed I was driving and I knew something wasn’t quite right. The passenger pointed it out too. Seems the car had started slowing rising into the air. We drifted near the wall of a Walmart store and used the bricks to pull the car back down. Then we got out. Oddly adults didn’t float but the one child in the car began to drift away.

Myku Covid-19 7

Memorial Day
Remembering the heros
Here again alone

Thank you for visiting. I know you all have busy lives. I love you. Stay well. Wear a mask. Stay six feet apart. ❤️

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