1. The Mad Scramble

I shot the video with an iPhone and the 8 mm app. The editing was done using the Splice app. Nova Rain added the voiceover.

2. All this ice-0-lation, self reflection and meditation is bearing fruit. I flipped out some in the last few days. Melancholy! Confusion! At loose ends. Adrift. Then boom. With the help of a friend I peeled off a huge, tough, nasty layer from my onion. “The unbearable lightness of being”. Growth is difficult. But I am better now. Closer to nobody.

3. I’ve been trying to get my oil and filters changed since January 2020. I’ve been turned away once. SpeedCo didn’t have the oil filter. That is just not true. There was some other reason. Beats me. I may have found a good local place. Maybe during July WHQ will be well lubricated once again.

Thanks 😊 so much for coming by and interacting. You brighten my day and bring joy to my heart. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. I love you.

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