Days 86 – 92

Day 86
At the pier

Day 87
OSHO Zen Tarot
Exploring the depths of inner silence, where it meets the silence of the universe. Nothing to do, no where to go, the inner silence observes everything. It can annoy someone because they are accustomed to all the world’s noise and activities. That’s ok. I’ll find someone who can sympathize with silence, someone to enjoy my loneliness. Now, it is time to find who I was before they told who to be. The understanding and self-enlightenment that is happening at this point, will be revealed later, in an easier stage of life.
Day 88
Day 89
Each morning he and I are regulars on the pier.
Day 90
Covid is spreading rapidly in this area. So what’s the “control the spread” plan? How about a street festival?
Day 91
Covid is smothering me.
Day 92
My Covid Mood

Thank you for stopping and interacting. I appreciate you. Stay well. Be safe. I love you.

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