Days 93 – 100
This project consists of a 100 photos I’ve taken each day during the CCE. This is the last installment.

Day 93
Empty playgrounds have been a common sight in the CCE.
Day 94
I don’t know if this is good for #wabstract but I think it works for #wackywednesday
Day 95
Fountain Detail at The Shelby County Arts Center
Day 96
Sunrise at Lay Lake
Day 97
Double exposure
Day 98
I went to the Hudd Market for supplies. It was curbside and wonderful.
Day 99
How much is that doll in the window, the one with the huge yin yang
Day 100
Lay Lake

Thank you for visiting and interacting. I appreciate you. Take care of yourselves and one another. I love you.

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