Dream a little dream

Osho Zen Tarot

Let me start with this. I do not have Covid yet.

Before Covid I was living my dream. Now, I’m not. Covid stomped all over it. I’m sure I’m not alone. The entire world is in this together. Being united would be the “A” plan But we have tRump the lord of division.


It’s been difficult for me to dream a new dream. I have spent most of these hundred plus days of ice-0-lation hunkered down. I’ll admit to some fear. Especially when this plague finally starting spiking where I’m parked and people I know became sick and died. That got my attention.

My Covid Zombie face

So here I am trying to dream a new dream. I think I’m over the grieving. Now it’s time to regroup and dream a new dream.

Thank you for dropping by. Your visits lift my spirits. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. The sickness is spreading rapidly here. Much love ❤️

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Not suitable for the closed minded.