1, I broke a tooth. The dentist appointment is at 2 pm. I suppose I should take a shower.

2. Like every night, I left my shoes outside by the door. When I went out, one shoe was gone. In the dim light, before sunrise, I looked around. I spotted a shoe like shape on the next parking pad. I walked over and it was my shoe. A few bite marks, but it was usable. The bites give it character.

This is the culprit!
The chew toy

3. The trip to the dentist : I had 3 broken teeth. It was the three breaks. Papa break, the mama break and the baby chip. An hour and a half and $135 later all were repaired successfully. I was out the door.
I was only aware of mama break. The other two were surprises.

I think I’ve discarded my irrational fear of dentistry after only 60 years of living with that fear. Becoming nobody and practicing thinking new thoughts is paying off.

QOTD: Do not let people’s opinions of you mold your destiny.
Let unhappy people have their unhappy thoughts.
Continue on your path courageously.
— Haemin Sunim

Thank you for stopping in for a visit. Your visits lift my spirits. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. The sickness is spreading rapidly here. Peace, love, and joy.

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