Lola Rose

Day 1: The mighty Spacetime machine, Lola Rose, conveyed the Nomad along the road over the river and through the woods, past Pioneers Hold and the Looney House, and though the lands of the Pale and the land of peaches. Traveling over Mt Zion brought tears to the Nomad’s heart. The feels were powerful there. A fuel stop, a rest stop and eventually the Lola Rose and the Nomad arrived in Knoxville at the abode of the Knoxvillians.
After much hugging, laughing , feasting, drinking, talking, and watching of theater troops perform on the giant view screen, the weary traveler took his rest.

Day 2: The coffee and front porch rocking was good that misty morning. The temp was in the mid 60’s. There was a slight breeze and the birds provided a sweet serenade.
The rest of the crew slowly popped out of bed.
After a while the shortest Knoxvillian departed on a separate adventure while the rest of us remained at the house.
The day was spent chatting and grazing and basically just chilling. There was an awesome Mexican dip to munch upon. Yummy!

Day 3: The Nomad woke at 3:30 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. His heart was troubled. Later he groggily crawled out of bed, grabbed a cup of java and settled into porch rocking. He welcomed a cool, misty day.

Morning Mood: Melancholy
It will pass. Too much thinking and not enough meditation. Hahahahaha
He ate delicious butter beans for breakfast. The rest of the day was grazing on grapes, blue cheese ball, Gorgonzola, Brie, cherry tomatoes, various crackers, olives and salami.
The group played bubbles and made videos. The day wound down watching The Good Place with the Knoxvillians

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