1. Life is in such much flux. I feel disconnected. I feel endings but not new beginnings. It’s as though important parts of my life have drifted away. Thinking new thoughts. Purging old opinions and beliefs. Leaving behind old patterns of thought.
Feelings are valid. Feelings are real to the one having them. Feelings pass. My feels matter to me.

2. Form. Things take form. I took form. Forms dissolve. I will dissolve. Impermanence. Things and people and relationships are impermanent. Attachment to form creates dissatisfaction. Fortunately, feelings are impermanent too. Boop oop be doop

3. Speaking of forms, sadly, my knee has changed form. I twisted it and now it is swollen and hurts. Poor timing seeing as I’m getting ready to roll in a couple of weeks.

“The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men
Gang aft agley, “- Robert Burns

So it seems with me knee.

Gratuitous Horse Picture

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