2. Maybe that’s because who I am changes. Today I peeled off another old layer. It was an expectation of what my life would be at this stage. My life experiences within family had created expectations. I had to recognize these childish dreams and weep for them. Then move on down the road.

3. Speaking of changes, Zeta shared some straight line winds with me. I was left with spotty internet and phone service, a load of wet clothes, and NO power for 4 days. I packed up WHQ and moved to warmer temps that had internet and power and a laundromat that worked. Bend like the willow. FLOW
I’m happily parked at Montgomery South RV Park for a couple of days. I moved in search of electricity and propane. I briefly felt like Mad Ralph beyond Zeta. 😂😎

Thank you for visiting. Likes and comments are a delight. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. Much love

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