Day 4:
The Nomad was up at sunrise drinking coffee and rocking. The crescent moon lingered in the sky. It was a mid 50’s kind of morning. Long pants would have been in order.

Bird songs and wind chimes provided a pleasant background serenade.
This day included brunt offerings and feasting, followed by rounds of improv in the driveway.

I love Bizarro month with friends

Day 5:
The day began with front porch sitting, coffee drinking and rocking in the black rocker. The crescent moon once again hung in the clear morning sky. The sounds of traffic in the background merged with dogs barking and bird songs. Like in classic black and white detective movie, the light pooled under the streetlamp as the sun slowly brightened the eastern horizon.
The Knoxvillians slowly trickled into the morning. The day took form and we spent most of it hanging out in the driveway painting. drawing and chatting. Good times.

Sidewalk chalk rocks

Day 6: The Ride Home
The blue sky still remained a bit pink in the east as I rocked with my coffee and listened to bird songs. The last morning was a bit sad.
After a few hours of socializing, Lola Rose and I traveled through time and space back to WHQ. It was an uneventful journey.

Lola Rose back at her home

Day 7:
Lola Rose delivered me to her place and the Christy picked me up. Off we went to the keeper of funds and to the mower of grasses and then on to the keeper of hay and horses. It was a good end to a glorious trip.

Thank you for coming by. Your visits, likes, and comments are a delight. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. Much love

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