1. An RV Christmas Tree. It is the first one in several years. Things are different, more magical, with a child on board.

2. This is the first time since the initial lock down the first of 2020 that I have lived close enough to a store that delivers or to any delivery service to have groceries delivered. I can truthfully say that I love having groceries brought to the door. That frees up a lot of time and limits risk. I could get spoiled.

3. I’ve been baking banana bread in my slow cooker. It’s easy and works well. My technique is improving with practice.

4. A vaccine in finally available. YAY. Vaxx Now

I hope you had great holiday. Wishing you all the best in 2021. I appreciate each of you. Your visits, likes, and comments help me feel meaningfuld. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. Vaxx Now

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