I’m doing a little planning for #the100dayproject. I need to post the title of the project on January 31. The start day is close. I need to get busy with ideas.

1. During the 100 days there will be three or more travel days, one oil change, a Safari park, a cardiologist appointment, and I’ll be living away from WHQ for a few days. Those are the things I know about.

2. Currently I intend to do all the photography and video work for the project with an iPhone. The photos will be taken with Hipstamatic X and edited with Snapseed. Videos will recorded with the 8mm app and edited with the Splice app. All this is subject to change at any time.

I’m debating which 8mm filter goes best the the toy camera filter in Hipstamatic X.
Taken with the toy camera filter

3. The concept is to record my everyday life in words, pictures, and video.

4. I need to come up with a unique hash tag too.

  • #myhipstalife
  • #myhipstamaticlife
  • #100nomaddays
  • #xyborgnomadlife

5. Or maybe I should do it all in black and white

6. Suggestions are welcome.


January 2021 has been excellent for me, I hope it has been for you too. I appreciate each of you. Your visits, likes, and comments encourage me. May love and connectedness surround you. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. Vaxx Now

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