Day 15

On the dash of my rig I set up what I call the “Not an Altar”. It changes from month to month and is added to by other people on the bus.

Day 16

I tried a new dish: purple cabbage, garlic, yellow onions, potatoes, and turkey sausage. Delicious

Day 17

I’m gonna miss this when he is gone. My traveling companion is going home in a few days. I’m sure I’ll miss grilled cheese sandwiches, Mac-n-cheese, and chicken nuggets. Those are some of his favorite foods. I’ll miss his laughter and all the unschooling. I’ll miss him being my shadow everywhere I went. 😢

Day 18

Soon the kid bike will be gone. Life at World Headquarters will be radically different.

Day 19
Day 20

I will miss the child’s things laying around. The box in this picture contains the plushy collection.

Day 21
and off they go.

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