1. The Barefoot Belle survived 2020. I got fresh yard eggs and picked this morning strawberries. I need to return before I leave the area.

2. I like Jeff Bridges’ website. I just learned about it this month. I also like the movie The Great Lebowski. I’m such a big fan I became a Dudeist Priest.

3. Intermittent fasting has been around a long time but it’s new to me. I’m trying out the 16:8 plan (16 fasting hours cycled by 8 non-fasting hours. I’m not sure if it’s a keeper. I’ll keep it up a month or so and then decide.

Inspiration: Every morning when I wake my mind begins telling stories. I can let it flit about like a fly; landing on good stuff or nasty stuff or I can direct the story to uplifting, creative, and inspiring thoughts and actions. Each morning I can select the story I tell myself. Today I started my story with a long walk. I listened to Alan Watts. And practiced “Enjoy the view. There is nothing else to do”. What story will you pick?

I truly appreciate all of you. Thank you so much for your visits, likes, and comments. You make my life better. I hope I bring a smile to your heart.

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