1. “Throw a small treasure into your holy river as an offering. Find a holy sidewalk to walk on, praise the holiness in a bus driver, kiss a holy tree, and shop at a holy store.” ~ Rob Brezsny
It’s all holy.
It’s all sacred.


I found a place to get an oil change, Prattville Auto & RV. They are covered up with work. There are 9 rigs outside that I can see without getting up. The shop was full too.

3. While getting the oil change at Prattville Auto & RV, I was informed that my main drive belt is on its last legs. I think the most efficient solution is to have Down South Roadside Diesel Repair send out a tech. They charge $95 an hour. That is less than the shops I called.

I appreciate you. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. That means a lot to me. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE.

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Not suitable for the close minded.

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