The following do not express my opinions or beliefs. These are posted as humor.

1. it’s caused by a VITAMIN DEFICIENCY, not an infecting pathogen that replicates within our body. Truth vs germ theory lies

2. these “new strains” are being used to keep the control and manipulation going

3. This f–king virus and it variants is a damn hopeless case, seems were never going to control, people are just going to give up and many are going to kill themselves.

4. A purified and isolated sample of Couid-19 has not been possible to obtain by scientists who want to study it for research. So, before I believe there is another one, how about someone comes up with a sample of the first one, otherwise I am not gonna fall for it a second time.

5. How about isolating the virus. The fucking plandemic is s hoax. You all have been led to the slaughter house. Giving in to the government..

6. STOP LYING. Show us electron microscope images ANY ISOLATED “VIRUSES”.

7. Its just a cold virus… they need to stop this fear mongering BS…. we have an immune system that will defend us… only people with co morbid conditions need to wear a mask.

8. If you take the vaccine you will become a brain eating zombie or worse.

I appreciate each of you. Thank you for your visits, likes, and comments. Stay safe and warm out there in the CCE.

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Not suitable for the close minded.

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