1. I’m intrigued by this idea. The Earthing Movie. I may modify my shoe behavior.

2. I have a problem with one knee. This research caught my eye.

3. These are beautiful.


4. My dad died almost 12 years ago. I discovered one of his old books laying on a Rubbermaid storage box. He bought it in 1964. The title is All the Parables of the Bible.

5. smadgic, n. A wizardly transmutation of a mundane or boring situation into a fascinating adventure or exploration. Derived from “magic” and “smidgen,” a small portion. – Rob Brezsny

7. I truly enjoy Carolyn Elliot’s newsletter. Here is a excerpt from her latest.

“Here are some genuinely wholesome instructions to unlock way more love & joy in your life…

– do a lot of super-weird magick at lonely Crossroads at night

– don’t be shy about casting hardcore spells on yourself and other people… why half-ass the Left Hand Path?

– be relentlessly honest with yourself about how your Magick always works perfectly to fulfill your actual secret taboo desires…

…which often conflict with your conscious preferences.

– experience every “external” happening as a precise nondual reflection of your relationship to your own innermost soul

– pay close attention to your night time dreams and act on their advice as best you can

– live your life like you’re the protagonist of a tragi-comic fantasy novel on an unstoppable epic quest

– attempt to let the orgasmic & heart-open energy of the Great Holy Whore Mother be present in your body at all times

– rinse, repeat.

What super-weird Magick are you doing lately?”

~ Carolyn Elliot 

I appreciate each of you. Your visits, likes, and comments help me feel meaningful. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE.

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