1. Screaming child: Oh my lord it’s a frog! It just jumped over here. My god it’s a frog.

2. Breakfast conversation with a four year old.

Me:  if you had it to do over would you incarnate on this planet?

4 Year Old (4YO): No!

Me: I don’t think I would either. But there is good crusty bread. Shoves crusty bread into mouth.

4YO: It’s crunchy. Shoves crunchy bread into mouth.

3. Good thoughts
Kind people
Happy moments

4. “What if the Source loves to give you riddles that push you past the boundaries of your understanding, forcing you to deepen your perceptions and change the way you think about everything? Close your eyes and imagine you can sense the presence of this tender, marvelous, difficult, entertaining intelligence.” ~ Rob

6. How to know you’re a loser. You get this text. “Can you tell the person I actually want to talk with to check their messages. “

7. I have come to a now where I jump, push, scream, and fight the boundaries my mind created for me.

8. This meme ensnared my mind. hahahaha

This is a dream.

QOTD; “commit transformative mystery and lyrical justice. commit smart love. My gratitude goes on forever. Every person and every creature are my teachers.” ~ Rob Brezsny

I appreciate each of you. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. That’s means a lot to me. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE.

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