1. I posted a new 1SE video for June. It’s short, take a peek.

2. I have new ink from Black Diamond Tattoo. The artist was Kimberly Aldridge. I like it.

Eye of Horus

3. I enjoy Carolyn Elliot’s newsletter. Here is an excerpt from a recent one.

“Every human … is an infinitely rich & complex work of art, a sweet lil tender baby-gone-big but still toddling through the hard traumatizing world…

…and everyone of us merits infinite open-hearted love, not the constriction of condemnation.

​Judging ourselves or others as “bad and wrong” serves only as a flimsy attempt to cling to our socially-conditioned story of identity…

… to protect against the ecstatic, mind-melting recognition that we’re all completely entwined in perpetual birth-death orgasm within this fractal holographic tapestry…

… and that the saintliest saint is utterly dependent on the most debased criminal for her existence.

So what useless & stagnating moralizing judgment of yourself or others are you ready to give up today?”

~ Carolyn Elliott

QOTD: “Don’t be afraid of nothing.” ~ Alan Watts

I am grateful each of you. Your visits, likes, and comments are greatly appreciated. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE.

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