It’s wild and crazy 😜 but 😎 day.
I checked the coolant in the Jeep. It was good, so off we went to the Bam’s laundromat which was very crowded during this Covid spike. So we continued on down the road to an older one. We were the only ones there. Safer!
We washed the clothes then put them on to dry.
While they were drying we went to visit our horse trainer friend. Hanging out in his barn we talked of knives, marriage, drugs, living your dream, and teeth.
Picking up the dry clothes we went to visit Jesse’s dad at the feed store where he works. The horse trainer was there getting feed. So was Jesse’s mom.
An hour or so later off we went to get groceries, vodka, a chicken finger snack and a large coke for Jesse.
The food is stowed. The clothes are put up. The batteries are topped up. The adult beverage is good.

Bathroom Towels

All you peeps are awesome. Your visits, likes, and comments boost my spirit. Stay safe and well out there in the Delta CCE. Vaxx Now

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