K: You dumb idiot. No one likes you anyway.
M: I know. I figured that out a long time ago.

2. Those kids are demon seed from a blow job gone wrong.

3. Whatever knowledge you have, whatever knowledge you are born with, whatever knowledge you obtain, you have to share that or it dies with you.

4. “It’s not time to go to Ralph’s.”
~ A FB group

5. “That went over like shit on a cold biscuit.” ~ Preacher

6. Woman at a bar and grill: I’m old. I know it. I get made fun of all the time.

QOTD: “It’s a toxic desire to try to be perfect. The challenge is not to be perfect, it’s to be whole.” ~ Jane Fonda

I appreciate each of you. Your visits, likes, and comments mean so much. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. Seems Covid is coming back with a vengeance.

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Not suitable for the narrow minded.

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