Sniffing clothes in the laundry hamper checking if I can wear them again. And then wearing them again.

Talking to myself and answering myself in public.

Picking my nose.

Performing a mini concert in the jeep while driving. I can’t sing.

Pretending not to hear or see someone I know when I see/hear them in public I totally ignored my dad one time. I know he saw me. He was yelling my name.

Not making it to the bathroom in time.

Peeing in the shower/pool.

Running the water while using the bathroom so no one can hear me doing my business. My mom taught me to do that when I was a child.

Mooing loudly at cows as I drive past them.

I have waved back at people who were waving but not at me. I do that pretty often.

Changed clothes in a parking deck. The security camera was pointed right at me. Oops

Falling in public embarrasses me. Now that I’m older it’s more embarrassing because people sometimes rush up to see if I’m ok.

What embarrassing things have you done?

I appreciate each of you. Your visits, likes, and comments help me feel meaningful. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE.

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