Waiting on the Uber
My location independent home is where I am. It’s even better when my tribe is there.
Beautiful Christmas flowers adorn the entrance.
A book on the table.

There is one last drive and I’ll be back at WHQ. I look forward to seeing my stuff through different eyes. When I started mejeep after 13 days of sitting idle, it ran a bit rough. Tomorrow will be an adventure of one sort or another.

QOTD: “I invite you to have:

an improbable quest playing at the edge of your imagination: a heroic task that provokes deep thoughts and noble passions even if it incites smoldering torment;

an extravagant dream that’s only slightly farfetched;

a goal that stretches your possibilities and opens your mind;

a wild hope whose pursuit makes you smarter and stronger even if you never fully accomplish it.” ~ Rob Brezsny

Thank you so much for the visits, likes, and comments this year. I look forward to our future. If you find this content entertaining go press that subscribe button. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. Vaxx Now

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