This is a long read about some of the things that happened in my life in 2021. There are probably spelling and grammatical errors. I have read it several times. Seems I always find another.

In January, Jesse and I were living in Gulf Shores Alabama. Doc’s RV park is the place. Walmart delivered the groceries. We rode our bicycles. We did not really hang out with other people. Covid kept us apart.

In February Jesse and I moved to Magnolia Branch. We enjoyed the woods and the water. Christy came to visit for a bit. Later in the month Jeremy came to pick up Jesse. I ended the month living alone.

I spend March at Montgomery South RV Park. They are close to Alabama Safari Park and I visited there often. Jesse visited for a while and I went to Hill House to visit them. March is Dr Cox appointment month. I did that and stayed with Belle a few days.

April comes and goes. I’m still in South Montgomery and I’m still visiting the safari park. There were lots of spring babies in the safari park. The Watusi cattle calves were so small. Cute.

In May I visited Belle and Elliot. I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon about my knee. They gave me a shot in the knee and that straightened things out. It’s still good today.

June was a busy month. I moved from South Montgomery RV Park to a scuzzy place in Prattville. I got my oil changed, my main drive built replaced and visited Spectre in Millbrook Alabama. Later that month I moved back to Paradise Point Marina.

The high point of July was probably the fireworks show in Homewood AL. Belle and Elliot took me and we had a great time. Jesse came for a long visit.

Jesse was so much fun to have around during August. He expanded my cooking abilities. I started frying a few things for him and that eventually lead to an air fryer and cooking with a Blackstone griddle.

His visit lasted into September. It was an excellent birthday month that included a week long trip to Panama City FL.

Bizarro Month was outstanding. I was still in Paradise. There was lots of morning fog. I like taking fog photos.

In November I returned to South Montgomery Rv Park and more vists to the Alabama Safari Park. Good times. I remained in that rv park until the new year.

The high point of December was a road trip to the Smoky Mountains with my son and his family. Those were great days. The last day of 2021 was the day the road trip ended back at WHQ. There are blog post here about the road trip.

QOTD: “The best way to prepare for a Big Shift is to cultivate mental and emotional states that ripen us to be ready for anything….” ~ Rob Brezsny

Thank you so much for your visits, likes, and comments. I appreciate you. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. Vaxx Now

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