I’m back in Paradise for a month or two. I’ve had some good times here.

I was today years old when I had my first air plant pup.

I could name it. Any ideas?

The mighty jeep began over revving. I consulted Lama Google and the Racing Catacosmosis.

In the middle there is a nipple with no thing attached. It’s the rust colored spot.
The vacuum leak was sealed with a lovely black cap from AutoZone. All is well with the jeep now.

I get by with a little help from my friends. ❤️

I dreamed a little dream.
I saw him, the carefree child on the playground. I saw him, the old man inside the school. Through teary eyes we exchanged thoughts about the precious, golden age of childhood. As he handed me the keys he said, “Sometimes we bring forth spring wine. Sometimes we bring forth souls in Durham.”

QOTD: “I know this: I know that deep down, you know you’re a saint.

A saint capable of working miracles.

A saint capable of healing people with a single look.

A saint capable of transmuting giant piles of stinking gnarly human suffering into dewy rose gardens of alchemical joy.

Yes, you. “

~ Carolyn Elliott

I appreciate each of you. I appreciate You visits and interactions. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE.
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Not suitable for the close-minded.

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