Each year around Easter I begin to crave Peeps. I know there are many variations of this Easter classic but plain yellow suits me. They are my favorite childhood memory of Easter. I usually wait for the after the Resurrection Celebration candy sales and pick up a pack of 5 for fifty cents. I may eat them all or I may eat one.

“Candy historians speculate that the Peeps’ link to Easter has more to do with the pagan origins of the holiday than its Christian roots. Eggs, and consequently chicks, are a long-standing symbol of fertility and rebirth, an appropriate image for a holiday that celebrates the coming of spring. Originally part of a pagan fertility ritual symbolizing new life, the egg became incorporated into Easter as pagan rites were absorbed into Christianity with the Christianization of Central Europe.“ ~ Slate

QOTD: “You may not know how to eliminate the lack, or fill the void, or fix the issue, but you have the power, at any moment to ALIGN WITH WHAT GIVES YOU LIFE. You can change your story in an instant, by simply shifting the focus away from what you fear or lack or cannot solve this moment to what you want and have and can enjoy right now. “ ~ Andrea Balt

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