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“You have an opportunity to participate with others now to make your contribution to creating something greater and more beautiful than each of you could manage alone. Your participation will not only nourish you, but will also contribute something precious to the whole.”

The world has gone into a cocoon. We have a chance to emerge better, kinder, more loving. This is an opportunity to change things.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate the likes and comments. Much love. Stay well. ❤️

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Not suitable for the closed minded.

Personal Notes

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My rig

Parked at R Haven RV Park in Rising Fawn GA

Scene 1:

This was going to be the third travel day in a row. I elected to forego the stop at Mountain Lakes. It was raining too much.

I’m remaining in Rising Fawn GA a few more days.

Scene 2:

Grey skies and rain chill the air and my soul.

Scene 3:

Since I inadvertently lost all my notes I’ve started using other tools for note keeping. One of these is Google Docs. I also may begin a new series of post here as a result.

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Not suitable for the closed minded.

Three Happy Things #1


The plan is to share three things, events, or people that brought a bit of happiness into my Now.   I am going to try and do this as a weekly feature.  OK, I know I’m a sporadic blogger but I can dream.  lol

I need to begin by clearing out the elephants in the room:  My lifestyle and I am not dead. 

I love my life.  Recently I had some sort of heart event. I was hospitalized for five days with a less than optimal heart rhythm.   I could have died but didn’t.  I guess it was not a good day to die.  Thanks to the miracles of computer technology, miniaturization, and modern medicine my life was prolonged. Without the pacemaker I might have been able to limp along for a few more years with a electric rolling chair and an oxygen tank, but probably not.  I’m very happy with the pacemaker they installed in my chest. It steps in when my heart’s natural pacemaker, the sinoatrial node, fails to maintain an appropriate rhythm.   Without the pacemaker I would have lost this lifestyle that I love. 

Speaking of my lifestyle, a couple of years ago I chose to live full time in an RV so I can travel, spend more time in nature and in the cities I love, be outside more, visit people I love, have and share new experiences, meet new people, see new places, explore, feed my curiosity, and tend to my wonder lust.  This lifestyle suits me.  It provides a variety of subjects for my lifelong addiction to photography.  This lifestyle also keeps me flexible. Change is a constant in all our lives. In my life it’s in my face reminding me daily that I have to adapt to survive.  I rarely get to pretend that life stays the same from day to day. 
For example, where is the grocery store?  Google it.  Where is the coffee in the grocery store?   Are my neighbors cool?  Yes.   Oh? New neighbors today.   Are they cool? Yes.  New neighbors again.  I know you get it. Where will I live in a week? Am I going to New Orleans?  What about Texas?  Memphis?  
I have to embrace change as a way of life. I have to stay alert.   It’s helps to be curious.  Right now I’m parked on the cusp of the cone of confusion. I spend a lot of time there. It’s one of my favorite spots. 

And lastly but not leastly there is this. 

Thank you for the IG love Erik Logan. 

Gratuitous Graffiti 

That’s my three for this week.  I’m hopeful there will be three more next week. 

Until next time: peace, love, and joy 

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Not a Blog Post


Life is so busy. I’m trying to play here but life keeps interrupting.

Selling this house is turning into a lot if work.

Blog Notes


It’s hard to find time to blog these days.  The river of life is flowing fast and there is so much going on.  Many changes every day.
People are looking at my house.  Someone will buy it soon.  Then I’ll be homeless. Where will I stay?  Yikes!!!

There is still too much stuff in the house and shop building.    There is so much to do to make the house more appealing to buyers! Painting! Weeding! Mowing! Hauling things away!   I have hired some help. Can’t hire help much though.  It’s costly.   YIKES!

I’ve rented a storage space for my son’s stuff and for the few things I’m taking with me in the RV. I’ll be moving some things to storage this weekend.  I have things that belong to other people.  I need to get those where they belong. Yikes!!!!!

Speaking of RVs, I need to purchase one.  Yikes!!!!

I’ve turned in all the necessary paper work to retire.  One month left and I’ll be unemployed.   My office at work still needs more cleaning out.  The last semester at work is coming to an end.   Lots of testing and grading and reporting to do.  Yikes!!!!!!

More to do:
Get electronic billing and paying set up and working
Pay off as many things as I can
Deal with Einstein
Go to the doctor and figure out my meds
Call the insurance company and figure out my meds and coverage
Have things turned off and canceled
Forward mail to where?

All these Yikes!!!!! require some relief so I’m going to NOLA with Christy and Jesse in May.  I need a break.

This is a very busy, exciting, and scary time in my life.  w00t! w00t! It is filled with mixed feelings, beginnings and endings, and goodbyes with no hellos.  Going on adventure and saying goodbye to places and people for what may very well be the last time is a bitter yet sweet experience.

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hugs and love


Blog Note

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WOW!  With all that has been going on during the holidays and then going back to work, I’ve just let this go.  I will have an update this weekend on the 500 Days Evil Plan as well as some closing thoughts on MNOR.
A few photos from the trip to New Needle Tattoo.  Jason Stage is the artist/owner.

Jason Stage

      Christy getting her wrist ink touched up.