From a text convo


I’m not sure what this means.
“New babes that live fear cars.
Don’t drive when want the babes.
Pay for Uber.”


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Future Past

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From back in the last year’s February photo a day challenge: 2.8.17

Faceless Portrait

My great uncle Claudius from the 22nd Century. He is an early leader of the migration movement. As eyes and hearts opened, the portals between the verses started opening too. The Powerful Cheeto regime, which has been in power since the early 21st Century, disdains the freedom seekers and desires to end their escape into kinder gentler versions of reality. Uncle Claudius must remain anonymous to continue to #resist.


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Happiness Project 23


Happy Happy
Joy Joy
Another happy blog. 

1.  Babies 
I almost had a wonderful weekend with my <1 year old grandson.   Talk about fun.  All that beginner’s mind, curiosity, unconditional love, unbridled joy, and newness is awesome.  I can’t help but happy being with someone so fresh from “what is not this”. Maybe I’ll get another opportunity.  
2.  OD – The Order of Disorder 
It doesn’t get much more Zen than this.  I want to be a boobiesattva.   
3.  Answer change
I am usually carrying around at least two cameras. As a result I’m often asked, “Are you a photographer?”   I’m much happier now that I answer “yes”.   That doesn’t mean I’m a good photographer, but I do travel around taking photos on an almost daily basis.  That is one of my primary creative activities.  
Purple and white flowers

Share the joy.  If you want to, tell us something that made you happy this week. 

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 Three Happy Things #2


The second installment in my Happiness Project. 

1.  The little people in my life
I am blessed with a lovely little girl, a handsome boy who often travels with me, and a precious new baby boy.  I love each of them and they bring great joy to my life.  It is amazing how different we all are.  It is equally amazing how much we are the same. 

2.  A 2001 black Jeep Wrangler Sahara soft top 
I didn’t buy it new.  It had almost 60,000 miles on it then. Now at 102,000 miles it’s still rolling through the dirt, mud, sand, potholes, rocks, and road traffic. It’s nice it is not new. I don’t have to note each limb that scrapes the side or each parking lot ding. As long as this beauty is cost effective to repair we will be partners on the journey. 

3. The Toca drum I found in a pawn shop
I am not partically musical but I think I can beat out my rhythm (however erratic it may be) on a drum. People have told me I travel to the beat of my own drummer. Now we know they are right. 

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Beautiful Flowers and Words 

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If you love beautiful flowers and heart touching prose you should check out this blog.  

My IG Top Ten: Flowers 

It’s well worth the visit. 

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Happy Thanksgiving 


Crystal Wilson posted a nice status about finding a new holiday normal after the loss of a loved one. 15 years after my divorce and there is no new normal. 6 years after my parents died, still no new normal. No new traditions. A lot of disconnection. I wander about. 

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Moving In


I got Einstein a cage and set it up.  I need to do some remodeling to make a better space for it.


I drove over to Christy‘s house to pick him up.  He has been staying there since the first of November. He loves Christy.


He enjoys riding.  He chuckled and twiddled and churdled the whole way.


Here he is in his home in RV.  He seems happy.

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Positivity Week: Day 5


My friend Cherokeewriter has been doing Positivity Week for several years. I try to participate each year.

Day 5: Positivity in Paintings
Like writing, art can can stir emotions and that means it can make you feel positive or happy. On this day, share one or more of your favorite paintings.

As some of you know, my daughter, Starr, is an accomplished artist working out of Oak Ridge TN. As a result, my life is filled with wonderful paintings and other pieces of her art.

Once upon a time my son, Starr, and I were eating in an out of the way restaurant in Gatlingburg TN. Hanging over the table was a painting we called the groper fish. Sometime later, Starr gifted me her interpretation of that. I love it.

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Quality Time


I spent a day with Jesse this week.  His four year old world view, boundless joy, unending energy,  and vast imagination are always inspirational.

Hanging Around in the Driveway from jr cline on Vimeo.
I’ll try not to spam you with too many Jesse videos.

Peace Love Light

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Decluttering is an interesting journey. Parts have been joyful. Parts have been tearful. Most of it has been mundane.
I’ve learned a lot about myself and the things I believed were true. I’m not only decluttering my physical space I am also decluttering my mental space. I have abandoned many long held beliefs.
So far, two things have been the most difficult. The first is ridding myself of things I’ve owned a long time. I have some kind of emotional attachment to these items that I don’t understand. Just because I’ve owned it for 40 years doesn’t mean I need it. I am talking things like car jacks, sledge hammers, steel chisels, boxes of unleaded stained glass, boxes of old bottles, boxes of things I haven’t looked inside of in 10 years, and a myriad of other such things.
The second and more difficult category includes the items with understandable emotional attachments. These are items I think of as emotional time bombs. Occasionally I come across gifts given to me by my children when they were small. These always elicit tears. I cry because I miss the adults they are now. I cry because I miss the children they were then. I cry because I miss living in a family.
I cry. Then I move on. Eventually I discover another little emotional time capsule stashed among my things.

Peace Love Light

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