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Years ago, on a dark street in the Quarter, I came upon this beautiful woman.
Louis is my favorite performance artist in NOLA. I have taken many photos of him. I miss meeting him for drinks and stories.
She writes poem on Royal Street

2. Memories Fade.

Covid isolation day 121.
It has been long enough for my former life to begin fading away into relics and fuzzy memories of a past that no longer exist. These are the good ole days. The present moment, now, is all there is and I will live my best life now.
I’m developing new thoughts and new ways of being that are not dependent on other people.They can not be dependent on other people because there are no other people in my now. My heartmind is grieving my former life and once again I say attachment is the trap, attachment is causing suffering. We all suffer. As I grieve so do I change, reinventing my life, walking alone

3. From the Osho Zen Tarot.
Adventure: “When we are truly in a spirit of adventure, we are moving just like this child. Full of trust, out of the darkness of the forest into the rainbow of the light, we go step by step, drawn by our sense of wonder into the unknown.Adventure really has nothing to do with plans and maps and programs and organization. The Page of Rainbows represents a quality that can come to us anywhere – at home, or in the office, in the wilderness or in the city, in a creative project or in our relationships with others. Whenever we move into the new and unknown with the trusting spirit of a child, innocent and open and vulnerable, even the smallest things of life can become the greatest adventures.
Zen says truth has nothing to do with authority, truth has nothing to do with tradition, truth has nothing to do with the past – truth is a radical, personal, realization. You have to come to it. Knowledge is certain; the search for personal knowing is very, very hazardous. Nobody can guarantee it. If you ask me if I can guarantee anything, I say I cannot guarantee you anything. I can only guarantee danger, that much is certain. I can only guarantee you a long adventure with every possibility of going astray and never reaching the goal. But one thing is certain: the very search will help you to grow.
I can guarantee only growth. Danger will be there, sacrifice will be there; you will be moving every day into the unknown, into the uncharted, and there will be no map to follow, no guide to follow. Yes, there are millions of dangers and you can go astray and you can get lost, but that is the only way one grows. Insecurity is the only way to grow, to face danger is the only way to grow, to accept the challenge of the unknown is the only way to grow.”
~ Osho

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Myku Covid 8


Give me pie, pie, pie!
Delicious warm juicy pie
Pineapple pizza


Hold on tight

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Peace and love

Turkey Club Wrap

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Ingredients 3 Lettuce Leaves 1 Slice of Cheese 4 Slices of Turkey 2 Slices of Bacon- Cooked 2 Tomato Slices 2 Avocado Slices 1/2 Tbsp Mayo Desired …

Turkey Club Wrap

The 100 Day Project


Days 57 – 63

Basically my project is documenting the first 100 days of my everyday Covid Common Era existence.

Day 57
While visiting a friend, I was challenged to post a random picture. This is the one I took and posted.
Day 58
An urban seed potato.
Day 59
A highkey keyboard
Day 60
If I don’t move he can’t see me.
Day 61
Super boy and his dog
Day 62
Sunset and fishing for catfish
Day 63

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Daily Dose for The Soul

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Who Am I? Am I the body? Am I the thought? Am I the emotion? Am I the mind? Who am I? Let us do some experiments. Move your arms. What are you doing?…

Daily Dose for The Soul

NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY | New Artworks | Photography

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NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY     A space created to connect artists DIRECTLY with potential buyers. The gallery is not a mall, but a place where one can …

NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY | New Artworks | Photography

Reuben In A Bowl

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Ingredients 1 lb Corned Beef- Cut into Strips 1 14.5 oz Can Sauerkraut- Drained 2 Tbsp Butter 4 Slices of Swiss Cheese 1/2 Cup Mayo 1/4 Cup No Sugar …

Reuben In A Bowl


Eggplant Mini Pizza’s


Ingredients 1 Large Sliced Eggplant (Coin Shape) 1/4 Cup Mini Pepperoni’s 1 Cup Shredded Mozzarella Cheese 1/2 Cup Lowest Carb Marina you can find …

Eggplant Mini Pizza’s

The Illusion of Covid-19

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QOTD: In honor of the misguided in Memphis I had red beans and rice for supper. I ate a turnip on the side. #trumpdystopia #mediahysteris #ignorance #criticalthinkin #mylife #revolution #destroythepatriarchy

30 Days of Thankfulness 4


I am grateful for the tasty cabbage, onion. and potato soup I cooked last night. 

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