Boiled Crawfish


Belle and I spent Sunday strolling around the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Second Line Shasay – A sculpture at the Flea Market
Fountain at the French Market
The artist mark their spots around Jackson Square.  I really like Jenelle Leigh C‘s banner.
The mules, drivers, and buggies all lined up waiting for passengers. 
St. Louis Cathedral in the early morning fog.
Wall art on and near Frenchman Street.

Belle and I ate 3lbs of delicious boiled crawfish at Saints and Sinners on Bourbon Street.

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Positivity Week: Day 5


My friend Cherokeewriter has been doing Positivity Week for several years. I try to participate each year.

Day 5: Positivity in Paintings
Like writing, art can can stir emotions and that means it can make you feel positive or happy. On this day, share one or more of your favorite paintings.

As some of you know, my daughter, Starr, is an accomplished artist working out of Oak Ridge TN. As a result, my life is filled with wonderful paintings and other pieces of her art.

Once upon a time my son, Starr, and I were eating in an out of the way restaurant in Gatlingburg TN. Hanging over the table was a painting we called the groper fish. Sometime later, Starr gifted me her interpretation of that. I love it.

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I ordered some SoulCards. They arrived today and are beautiful.  They are the creation of artist, Deborah Koff-Chapin.
I have to give a shout out to my kick ass friend Joanna DeVoe for telling me about these.
I don’t do divination, but when I do, I’m an I Ching kind of guy.

You can’t have a new toy without playing with it.   I selected three cards: Past, Present, and Future.




I’m going to mull them over for a couple of days.

My approach to these SoulCards and the I Ching is the same.  I think they give a snapshot from the cutting edge.  The edge being the now where I live.  As soon as I make a choice in the ‘next’ now (if there can be such a thing) the snapshot from the edge has changed.

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Support Local Artizans


Shop Outside the Big Box

It’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about holiday shopping. This is a chance to promote independent thought, new ideas, creativity, critical thinking, and personal freedom.
This Christmas shop with local artists and stores rather than big box stores.

Here are a few to get you started.

Art, handmade pipes, crafts and more from Ocean Starr

Jewelry & Incense from The Blended Path


Lisa’s Little Luxuries!

Candles from Savory Scents 

Fräulein Pfau Jewellery and Crafts 

Handmade Artists’ Shop
“Our primary mission for the Handmade Artists’ Shop is to support handmade. There are so many mass produced items out there that it often feels that the world has lost the respect for the small, independent merchant. It is so easy to go to one of those mega stores and get everything you want in one stop. Some of us think it’s better to take some time and create something with our hands and our imaginations. Our goal is when you visit The Handmade Artists’ Shop you will feel the passion and understand that we truly love and support handmade.”

Sacred Circle Mandalas:  Art That Heals Your Heart and Soul 

Tsalagi Dreams offers Native American crafts

Naughty Fae’s Textile Creations

Art in Clay by Becky Dennis 

Art to Go


Ashley Klemm  Photography 

Candice Smith Photography

Kim and Adam Wedding Photography

Abandoned Farmhouses of Oklahoma by John E. Glaze, photographer and author

Cinnamon Studios 

Images by Stephen Davis

If you would like to be added to this list leave a brief description and a link in the comments or email me at jrclinephotos@gmail.com.

Have an amazing day!

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