Day three and a little backstory

Years ago, before my children were born, I lived in a school bus, had no career, and only worked enough to survive. Enjoying the life I had been given was my primary purpose. And life was good.
After my awesome daughter was born I decided providing a stable life for her was of paramount importance. Thus began a move across the country and a thirty year career as a computer programmer and college professor.  Along the way, my awesome son was born.  My wife left nine or so years ago to go play and my then fifteen year old son and I moved into the house where I stay now (which is for sale if you’re interested in a home in Central Alabama).  My parents who lived near by both died three years ago.
Now that both my children are grown and have their own lives in other states  I’ve completed the task I set out to do all those years ago when I moved here.  It is time to begin a new adventure.

Life had to throw me some curve balls and a lot of love and joy over the last nine years to get me growing again and I’m sure there are more curves,  bumps, love, and joy ahead.  The joy and the pain of life are life, just as heads and tails are the coin. There is no one without the other.  Suchness.

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