Town and Country


I went to the city

 I went to the country

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Dam Bird Hunting Adventure


I had a dam adventure trying to photograph birds.

Turtle sunning on a log

This sod truck had managed to get stuck.
Lack of experience?
Someone held a gun to his head?
It blocked traffic for thirty minutes.


Look at me!  Look at me!
Flap! Flap!

I had a good dam time.
Hope you did too.

Peace Love Light

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Ink Time in Black and White v2


It was time for Christy to get some new ink. Off we trekked to New Needle Tattoo, home of her favorite artist.

There is a strange man in the bathroom.
Jason Stage is the owner and primary artist at New Needle.

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Ink Time in Black and White v1
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Fotog Play V2.2


I don’t think I’ve posted any of these before. Forgive me if I have.

DeSoto Family Fun Park
There is a nice cave to visit.

Something new is opening in the town down the road. It looks like it will be an interesting place.

These experiments help me see new directions I could take with photography.

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Doctor Doctor


Mr. M.D.
Now can you tell me, tell me, tell me,
What’s ailin’ me?”

My throat
oh my throat
Thursday morning I woke up and couldn’t swallow without great pain. Coughing was an act of personal torture. Talking was totally out. I had to go into work at noon so I picked up some throat numbing lozenges while I was out. I gargled with warm salt water. I drank pickle juice.
Friday morning I was a bit better but it was still difficult to swallow. With the help of the lozenges, tea with garlic, lemon, ginger, and honey, aspirins, and popsicles it improved during the day. I thought I was on the road to recovery.
Saturday morning dispelled that illusion. Saturday was the worst morning of all. Tea with garlic, ginger, honey and lemon, gargling with warm salt water, aspirins, and numbing lozenges weren’t doing the trick. I had to have medical attention. The sooner the better. At 7am I headed towards an urgent care facility. On the way I passed a closer one and turned around. They weren’t open yet so I went next door to Ground Up Coffee and Smoothies for a cappuccino.


I knew they were good because I’d been there before. The warm coffee soothed my throat and the two shots of espresso boosted my energy level dramatically. I finished the cappuccino and headed back to the clinic.

It took a while because I was a new patient but they got around to me in 20 minutes or so.   The nurse called my name and hustled me off to examine room 1.


She took my temperature (99.8), blood pressure (140/90), oxygen level (98), and pulse (102). She swabbed my throat. I almost puked. Then she scurried away with her sample.


Pretty soon the doctor came along. He was friendly, out going, non-judgmental, and seemed to be a nice guy. I wish my GP was so cool. He was unhappy with the blood pressure and we talked about that for a while. When I mentioned the cappuccino, he went ‘OH’. And told me I shouldn’t drink those. He listened to my heart and lungs, looked in my throat, looked in my ears. He prescribed an antibiotic and a decongestant and labeled it strep throat. He said a nurse would be along with a steroid shot and my prescription.

It wasn’t long before she showed up and said drop your pants.
OH NO! Not a butt shot!
Maybe I should have worn underwear?
She gave me the shot and prescription slip and sent me on my way.


Think how much better my medical care would have been if I hadn’t been taking pictures, texting, and playing on facebook with my cell phone. roflmao

So what did I do next?  I dropped off my prescriptions at the pharmacy next door and went back to the coffee shop for another cappuccino (sorry doc).  I had to do something while I waited. Right?
After the shot and one dose of each medication I do feel a lot better. I was even able to eat soft food tonight.  The real test will be in the morning. Keep your fingers crossed.

Peace, love, and light

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Black and White


I’m not a fan of winter.  The cold and gray keeps me inside.

After a while it can get depressing.

One of the nice things about winter is the bright light on clear days.

I like the contrast that light creates in black and white photographs.

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Christmas Break 2013 V1.2


The cold, gray, and rainy weather kept me inside the house most my Christmas break.   I did get out a few times to take pictures and visit friends and family.

I took these pictures at an art festival in Winterboro.

It was a gray, cold day.

There was still a pretty good turn out and all the local honey had been sold by the time I arrived.

One of the best known plank roads in Alabama was the Central Plank Road running from Montgomery to Winterboro, Al.  This building is the old Plank Road Station.  The Central Plank Road, built of wooden boards, was 60 miles of toll road operated from Wetumpka.  Prior to railroads this was an important artery of travel.  Circa 1850

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