My 100 Day Project 2022

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I’m not sure about my project this year. I have a lot of questions I’m working out. I think it’s a photo book project. The first phase is collecting photos from my stay at Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve.

Here are a few from the flooding February 4th.

The road was flooded for a quarter mile or so. It was more than a foot deep around the curve. I didn’t take a picture there because I did not want to stop. I think I was off the road several times. Water leaked into the jeep.
You can just see the yellow rails of the platform above the water at the bottom of the staircase. Normally that platform is 10 feet above the water.
The day before I walked past that green sign 50’ or more down to the Big Escambia Creek. Not this day.
The big, wide beach eroded and was still partially under water. I didn’t go there while it was mostly under water.

QOTD: “To achieve what the Zen Buddhists call “beginner’s mind,” you dispense with all preconceptions and enter each situation as if seeing it for the first time. “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities,” wrote Zen teacher Shunryu Suzuki. “but in the expert’s there are few.”

Thank you so much for your visits, likes, and comments. I appreciate you. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. Vaxx Now Embrace the new real.

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More photos
More memories

Card for This Day

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The Knight of Water

“Now it is the time to be a bungee jumper without the cord! And this is an expression of absolute trust, not being reserved or hiding in the safety corner, which is what Knight of Water wants from us. It is a great inspiration if we jump and plunge into the unknown, even though it scares us to death. And when we believe in the level of quantum leaps, we won’t devise any elaborate plans. We are not saying: “Okay, I believe I know what to do now, and I will arrange everything, pack suitcases, and carry them.” No, we just jump, not even think about what happens next.

That jump is worthwhile, and it makes us tremble when we fall freely in the vast sky. The Knight of water Osho Zen refers to what will be waiting for us on the other side – a soft, welcoming, yummy pink, rose petals, juicy… Come on!” ~ TarotX.net

“Don’t waste your life for that which is going to be taken away. Trust life. If you trust, only then can you drop your knowledge, only then can you put your mind aside. And with trust, something immense opens up. Then this life is no longer ordinary life, it becomes full of God, overflowing.

When the heart is innocent and the walls have disappeared, you are bridged with infinity. And you are not deceived; there is nothing that can be taken away from you. That which can be taken away from you is not worth keeping, and that which cannot be taken away from you, why should one be afraid of its being taken away? – it cannot be taken away, there is no possibility. You cannot lose your real treasure. “

Source: Osho The Sun Rises in the Evening Chapter 9

I appreciate each of you. Thank you for the visits, likes, and comments. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. Seems Delta Covid is coming back with round two.

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More Love ❤️
More Peace ☮️

Curbside Pickup


I’m trying curbside pickup at the local grocery store. I called yesterday to get the scoop on how small town USA curbside pickup works. I’m calling in my order, they will do the best they can, and they will call me back with the total.

The list:

  • Green bell pepper X
  • Cucumber X
  • Bag o carrots X
  • 4 Roma tomatoes X
  • 4 green bananas X
  • Bag of yellow onions X
  • Celery hearts X
  • Bag o apples X
  • 5lbs potatoes X
  • Big jar dill pickles X
  • Jif Crunchy peanut butter C
  • Canned pineapple X
  • Canned pears X
  • Raisins
  • 3 small cans tuna in water X
  • onion soup mix X
  • Bouillon cubes X
  • Bay leaves X
  • Small bags of flour and cornmeal
  • Cooking oil 32oz
  • TP X (I was surprised it was available)
  • SOLO style cups
  • Bug spray
  • Liquid dish detergent X
  • Graham crackers or saltines. X
  • 2 Diet Coke X
  • 2 diet DP X
  • Sharp cheddar X
  • Hoop cheese X
  • 1/2 gallon low-fat milk X
  • Almond milk X
  • Men’s multi vitamins
  • Guinness stout

The items with an “X” are the items that were available. The employees did a great job. It was as safe as possibly. The grand total for this adventure was $88 and change and should feed me for 2 or 3 weeks. When I got home I wiped down some things with a Lysol wipe, others got a soapy bath, and a few others were put in isolation for a week.

All loaded up

Thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate the likes and comments. Much love. Stay well. ❤️

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The 100 Day Project


Days 8-14 of my Covid-19 avoidance lifestyle.

Sunset thru the window
Day 8
Lay Lake in Central Alabama
Day 9
The next generation of daffodils
Day 10
Spider web
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
The storm shelter is behind the tractor. It’s a scary stormy weather day.
Day 14
Living in the Covid world. Trying not to die.

Thank you for dropping by. I love and appreciate you. Be safe and well.

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2020 Goals


Photography Goals
To engage in the broader conversation
Climate change?

Continue the 1SE
Improve video skills

Travel Goals
Knoxville in the spring
Central Alabama in March and October
Somewhere warm in the Season of Sickness and Death
Expand my range: Kentucky, Atlantic Coast, Texas, ???

Health Goals
Lose weight
Improve my diet

Relationship Goals
Boundaries need to be redrawn
Good sex

Land Goals
It is time to start looking

Financial Goals
Positive cash flow
Side hack

Spiritual Goals
Continue to meditate and practice mindfulness.

Misc Goals
Practice ukulele
Drum more

There are many goals listed. Over the coming weeks these will be refined.

Thank you for reading, liking and commenting. 💛

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Personal Notes


Scene 1:

Sitting on a nice sofa in my adopted daughter’s beautiful home. Clothes are becoming clean.

Mardi Gras Bock beer

It is a awesome day in the neighborhood wherever I am. No thanks to me.

Scene 2:

Bath time is coming up. I’m Stinky, not The Brain. However, there is something to be said for World Domination.

Scene 3: Cardiologist visit

BP 130/80

I got the word, I am fit and in excellent shape. Today is not a good day to die.

I also got a heart rate adjustment. It can speed up now.

I guess that was a software update from Pacemaker 1.0 to Pacemaker 1.1. It is a vast improvement!

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It Was Close


It was almost an “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” moment earlier.

Ripped lawn chair

Ripped lawn chair

That big ripped out place was supporting my arse. When it ripped my arse went to the concrete. My feet were dangling in the air. I’m sure it was a humorous sight to behold.

Ripped lawn chair
As I attempted to get out of this chair trap, I heard and felt the back rip. Thank God it didn’t totally rip like the seat or I’d fallen backwards possibly hitting my head. These chairs should come with a warning label requiring sitting helments. I could wear my bike helment.
Ripped air rest orange lawn chair

Trying to avoid ripping the back even more, I pressed down harder on the armrests attempting to raise up my arse and get at least one foot on the ground. Fortunately the armrests held and I was able to extract myself from the chair trap.

Just another near death experience to add to the list. Hahahahaha

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The Hunt


This is the challenge.The hunt
I will try to keep you up to date on my progress. There is no order to my madness. Field Treeline Open space

Open Space

ToDo list

ToDo List

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Safe Travel Mercies

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Travel Day

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Samsara and Nirvana


Non duality

When life is good, embrace it, experience it fully.

Death in Paradise

When life is bad, embrace it, experience it fully.

In quantum physics you will understand that nothing exists. So in reality there is no difference between samsara and nirvana, they are one.Wooden Nickel

One coin/two sides

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