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Women on the hill
Men, returning home, have failed
Sentinels at dawn.
©️JR Cline 4.24.19

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My Contribution to Easter 2019


Yard eggsFresh yard eggs from The Barefoot BelleSign in the door at StuckiesSticker on the door at Stuckey’s.Happy Easter
The Happy Easter toilet bowl seat?

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Easter 2017


Feel the energy.  
Feel the good vibrations. 
This is an auspicious day in the Christian calendar. I’m pretty sure you know the story
Embrace this power for good.
Embrace this power for change.
This is a good day:
for reinventing yourself
to revitalize your life
to be reborn
to come alive
to leave a dead life behind.
Feel the magick surrounding you and use it to begin again. 

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3 Things Going On In April


1.  Gunter Hill Campground ⛺️ 
This is one of my favorite campgrounds. I will stay here the limit of 14 days camped along the shore of the Alabama River.  This is where I currently have my World Headquarters.  

2.   NOLA
I am excited about the upcoming move to New Orleans.  I have a month scheduled there. 

3.    Easter
For some it is the yearly Christian celebration of Jesus returning from the grave.

“New life ”

And for others it is the spring fertility festival. 


In both cases it is the celebration of returning life after the passage through the cold and dark. 

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