Surprises on the deck

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Home grown peaches
Lovely lilies

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Not suitable for the close minded.

Card for Today

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Zen wants you living, living in abundance, living in totality, living intensely – not at the minimum, but at the maximum, overflowing. 

Your life should reach to others. Your blissfulness, your benediction, your ecstasy should not be contained within you like a seed. It should open like a flower and spread its fragrance to all and sundry – not only to the friends but to the strangers too. 

This is real compassion, this is real love: sharing your enlightenment, sharing your dance of the beyond. – Osho Zen Tarot

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Not suitable for the narrow minded.

February Favorites


I took myself out for a big bowl of Pho on Valentine’s Day.

Pho bowl

I saw the tulips at City Park in New Orleans. They are always beautiful.

Tulips in City Park New Orleans

I also visited The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden while I was there.

The violin sculpture in City Park New Orleans

There have been some wonderful 70 degree days in February.

One of my favorite activities is wandering the streets of New Orleans taking photos. Street photography is one of my passions. I’ve done that several times in February.

French Quarter street scene. Bicycles on the street in the French Quarter, New Orleans.

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Grateful #7


Today i am grateful for Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve, a peaceful and beautiful place to center oneself.

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Grateful Day


The Magic in the Everyday blog posted a gratitude list. I haven’t shared one in a while. I have shared anything in a while. It’s past time.

Some things I’m grateful for on this day:

1. My rolling home and my nomadic life.

2. I have new house batteries. It was way past time.

3. The front AC is supposed to be replaced today.

4. I am alive and the people I love are alive. All but one. I lost a friend a few days ago. I never met her in person but we were long time friends.

5. I eat a lot of fruit. I am grateful it is available and not too expensive. I’m grateful that I have food and clean water. So many do not.

6. I am grateful for good health and the ability to get out and have adventures.

Yellow Wildflowers

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Lost in Paradise

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Bonus boneless wings, White Zinfandel, Bernadette, horror movie tattoos, Skinny Pants: what an intriguing afternoon in Paradise.

Much love to you.

Share the joy.

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2017


Here are some pretty flowers 🌺 for your Valentine’s Day enjoyment.

Candy heart photos should go here, but I don’t have any of those today.  No cyber calories today. 

On Valentine’s Day, the day about love and things of the heart, I am going to the cardiologist. Since I don’t have a sweetie this seems an appropriate substitute somehow.   I have V’day cards for them. Might as well make it an experience they will remember for a moment. 

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I Went Down to the River


to play

I spent half a day hiking and taking photos in Little River Canyon.  

  Mushroom Rock right in the middle of the road.
Skinny Tree SqueezeLittle River Canyon National Preserve is a United States National Preserve located on top of Lookout Mountain near Fort Payne, Alabama, and DeSoto State Park. ~ Wikipedia  

  I’m out in the woods.
Lookout Mountain Tickseed

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Shiney Rocks v.4


One of my favorite books is Be Here Now by Baba Ram Dass.  Yogi Pondurengedas gave me a copy when I visited him in Berkeley a long time ago.  This is one of the gems that will go with me on the road.

Things I thought

The Universe is a masterpiece of love, help, and karma.  It does not strain to do what it does.  We are part of the universe.  Why do we strain?
I choose to live in possibility.
I choose to live in joy.
I choose to live in love.
I choose to live in peace.
I’m not fighting against anything.  I am for good.
I refuse to focus on what I do not want.

Do you have a complex relationship with your past?  I can if I allow myself to over think it.  My  mind is a powerful tool when used correctly. When it is left to run wild it can be a powerful enemy.

Thoughts on Chaos Theory
I can (and should) willingly leave my comfort zone or I can wait for chaos to push me out.  Either way I’ll have to leave it.


“Declare your superpowers!” ~ Danielle LaPorte

Some losers “…seek to evade reality by hiding behind a crusade seeking to reinstate “moral values”, “noble ideas”, and “social justice”.” ~ Dr. W. M. Shelton


Melanie’s Brand New Key

Background:  People who can see me in non-cyber space know I love shiny rocks.  I pick them up.  I carry them with me. I randomly give them away. I accept them as gifts. They sit on windowsills and tables.
This is the fourth in a series of biweekly features about sharing the gems and jewels I find along the way  (quotes, songs, thoughts, notes, websites, photos i take, photos I see).   I hope you like the shiny cyber rocks. I may update Shiny Rocks all during the day as I come across new shiny things.
If you have some shiny rocks you’d like to share leave them in the comments.   Let me know what you think.
May truth, love, and light embrace you and emanate from you.

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Shiny Rocks V.3
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Shiny Rocks v.3


The Universe sent this:

“Practice. Study. Prepare yourself. Think. Act. Face the beasts. Pay the piper whatever dues you think you have to pay. Do the dance, walk the fire, wait in line. Plant the seeds, hoe the field, go to market.”
Sounds like a good plan to me. “Wax on. Wax off”.


“You can lead a horticulture but you can’t make her think.” ~ Dorothy Parker

“If you cannot find a a good companion to walk with, walk alone like an elephant roaming the jungle.  It is better to be alone than to be with those who will hinder your progress.”  ~ Buddha

“Follow the light bringers…
Magic is afoot greater than you can imagine.” ~ Colette Baron Reid

A thing I thought:

Pay it forward is a powerful tool for changing the world. I’ve been paying it forward ever since some people helped me years ago and taught me about pay it forward.  If someone helps you pay it forward and help another.  It’s good for your soul.


If you like photo contests you might enjoy playing on Viewbug:  Collaborate in the World’s Best Photo Contests 

One of my favorite photographers is Drew Hopper, an Australian photographer. Check out his site.

Three pictures I took at DeSoto Caverns Family Fun Park.

Fun song!

She has to milk her cow on a Monday
She has to roll her hair on a Tuesday
She has to feed her pig on “Let’s be friends day”
She has to ????? on a Thursday
It won’t be long now?


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Shiny Rocks v.2
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