Southern Tire Mart


Southern Tire came out and repaired the slow leak in the inside driver’s side rear tire. The tire had leaked down from 100 psi to 50 psi in 3 weeks. Turns out it was the valve stem. $180 and worth it.

I really appreciate road side services.

The repaired tire back on WHQ.

I’ll check the tire pressure again before I roll on down the road to assure myself that the problem is resolved.

QOTD: “What we name as anger is actually only the incoherent physical incapacity to sustain this deep form of care in our outer daily life; the unwillingness to be large enough and generous enough to hold what we love helplessly in our bodies or our mind with the clarity and breadth of our whole being.” – From David Whyte’s book, Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words

I appreciate you. Your visits, likes, and comments mean so much. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. Enjoy the revolution.

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Not suitable for the narrow minded.

More trust
More flow



I thought I would share a thankful list. I am grateful for so much.

1. I did not die a few years back when my heart decided to slow down and stop. Pacemakers, doctors, nurses, techs, hospitals, family and friends saved my life. I am living in the bonus years thanks to all this. I appreciate this time and I am trying to make the most of it.


2. Living the life I picked. Seven years ago I realized I did not want to die sitting in a recliner watching television. I sold, gave away, or trashed most my belongings, sold my house and moved into an RV. I am grateful for the life I have on the road. Location independence is nice.

My rolling home

3. I’m grateful for faith and confidence. The microwave/convection oven in WHQ is failing. I believe I can replace it.
Faith and confidence in a higher power supply me with faith and confidence in myself. Living alone it’s nice knowing God (pick a label you like) has my back.

4. I am grateful for friends who keep tabs on me and come for visits. Sometimes they travel with me.

5. I am thankful for the quarter I found on the ground. Quarters are important for laundry day.
I am thankful for tonight’s campfire and much other stuff.

Thank you for coming by. Your visits, likes, and comments are a delight. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. Wishing you love and joy.

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Not suitable for the narrow minded.

On a Personal Note


Scene 1:

Homemade kaluha day.
1.5 cups sugar
2.5 cups strong coffee
2 cups rum
2 tablespoons vanilla extract

The kaluha turned out tasty. After it ages it should be better.

Scene 2:

Deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea and Madagascar grows the perfect ingredient for an extraordinary Porter brewed in Colorado. Breckenridge Brewery’s Vanilla Porter. An ale that has all the chocolate and roasted nut flavor of a classic Porter, with an enigmatic surprise thrown in for good measure.Vanilla Porter

Scene 3:

Travel day eve.

One bicycle
One jeep
One motorhome

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Not suitable for the closed minded.



I got to FourStar Freightliner in Montgomery at 8am.  Right on time. After filling out paperwork, I went to the customer lounge.   An hour passed before my rolling home rolled into the shop area. The time passed quickly because the conversation was  excellent.   I spent several hours talking with a truck driver from Atlanta.  Tim is an interesting human and very knowledgeable.  Our conversation centered around comparative religion.  I learned at lot.   Very enjoyable.   That is one of my favorite subjects. 

The diagnosis is good news. The brakes, shocks, and air dryer look good.  He said the brakes and shocks look new.  I also asked them to do a general over all check of my  rolling home.  They found an oil leak on the oil pan and tightened the bolts.  I’ll watch and see if that worked.  All I’m getting done today is engine service, generator  service, and a gas filter.  

Six+/- hours later, the total was $420 and change for the services and gas filter.   Not bad at all.   I highly recommend Four Star Freightliner in Montgomery Alabama. I’m already planning to return to have the transmission and AC serviced.  

No tent is required. I’m parked in my rolling home at Gunter Hill Campground.  YAY! 

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A Short Hop


I visited FourStar Freightliner in Montgomery AL to set up an appointment for service work. The fast and friendly service man said bring the RV in at 8 in the morning (6.1.17).  I’ll be there.  At 13 minutes away, it’s probably not going to get any more convenient.  

They’ll take a look at the air dryer, brakes, shocks, and air filters to determine what if anything needs repair.  We know they will find something.  That’s their business. Then they will check parts availability, order parts, and set up a time for me to to return for the repairs. 

He said it would probably have to stay overnight one night and that it should be done before my travel date (6.12.17). I’ll find a local motel or get a tent. I lean towards the tent plan.  A tent is a good thing to own.  After all, I might want to go camping some time.  😂

Stay tuned for the next episode! 

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Adventures in Nomading 


Two travel days in a row is tiring. But there is no rest for the weary traveler.   Another new nomadic lifestyle experience/adventure is in the making. 

Tomorrow an RV Hero is coming to service the AC units. This will be the first time they have been serviced since I’ve had the RV. The next day I’m going to visit the local Freightliner dealership. Maybe I can get an appointment. I want the brakes, the air dryer. and shocks checked.   

It is hard to set up house when the house may roll in to the shop for an unknown period of time. And there is the food in the fridge. And few as they are, all my things are in my rolling home. It is an exciting week.  

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