A Short Hop


I visited FourStar Freightliner in Montgomery AL to set up an appointment for service work. The fast and friendly service man said bring the RV in at 8 in the morning (6.1.17).  I’ll be there.  At 13 minutes away, it’s probably not going to get any more convenient.  

They’ll take a look at the air dryer, brakes, shocks, and air filters to determine what if anything needs repair.  We know they will find something.  That’s their business. Then they will check parts availability, order parts, and set up a time for me to to return for the repairs. 

He said it would probably have to stay overnight one night and that it should be done before my travel date (6.12.17). I’ll find a local motel or get a tent. I lean towards the tent plan.  A tent is a good thing to own.  After all, I might want to go camping some time.  😂

Stay tuned for the next episode! 

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Travel Day


Sunday is a travel day. I’m moving from The Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale AL to Davis Bayou in Mississippi. It’s only a two hour drive. I like an easy travel day.  

I’ll head out around 11 am CST. The most exciting part that I am aware of will be the tunnel in Mobile on Interstate 10.  

I’m on a journey.
I have no destination.  
There is no time frame. 
I’m looking and seeing but not searching. 
I am not lost and can’t be found. 
I am just on my way.  

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