I went into Orbix.  

These glass blowers create beautiful and functional art glass.   
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Shiny Rocks v.2


People who can see me in non-cyber space know I love shiny rocks.  I pick them up.  I carry them with me. I randomly give them away. I accept them as gifts.
This is the second in a series of biweekly features about sharing the gems and jewels I find along the way  (quotes, songs, thoughts, notes, websites, photos i take, photos I see).   I hope you like the shiny cyber rocks. I may update Shiny Rocks all during the day as I come across new shiny things.
If you have some shiny rocks you’d like to share leave them in the comments.   Let me know what you think.
May truth, love, and light embrace you and emanate from you.

Hurray for the Riff Raff is a new group to me.  I love the honest feel I found in their music.  Listen to their new album, Small Town Heroes.  Then buy it!

Down sizing my life and moving into an RV has brought a lot of interesting ideas into my life.  One of those is the tiny home.  Tiny Diamond Homes is good place to start exploring this.

I put these in the metaphysical suitcase:
The Monkey Buddha turned out to be not metaphysical when I got there.
I plan to spend some time exploring the IONS site.
And finding universal wisdom might be worth a peek.   😉

For only $4.97 you can have adventure or inspiration.

Toothpaste has risen to a whole new level.  hahahaha

I think everything you need to know resides within you.

Arty stuff:
Whatever your art is, Wayne White is worth checking out.
If you haven’t seen Beauty is Embarrassing you should.

Things I thought:

  • Could it be that our culture purposely separates us from spiritual things so we will be better cogs and consumers?
  • Is it in the corporate interest to keep us from thinking and to keep us evolving and growing spiritually?
  • Do not be afraid.  Slay your dragon. Take off your armor. Jump!

See what else I’m doing.
Shiny Rocks V.1
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