At the Beach Day 2 part 2

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We are visiting Panama City, Florida for a week.

Hanging out under the umbrella.
Wild flowers
At The Watercolor Perfect Pig
Billy Goat chips piled high, warmed and drizzled with basil pesto aioli, sprinkled with blue cheese and topped with pulled pork

Supper was delicious.

QOTD: “It’s possible that with just a small attitude adjustment you could be an expert at rumbling, romping, rollicking, cavorting, and zip-a-dap-doodling.” ~ Rob Brezsny

I appreciate each of you. Your visits, likes, and comments mean so much. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. Seems Covid is coming back with a vengeance.

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Not suitable for the narrow minded.

More cavorting
More zip-a-dap-doodling

I went to the beach


By the sea
By the sea
By the beautiful sea
Me and me
Me and me
Oh how happy I be

The white sand beaches in
Gulf Shores, Alabama


Lunch at the
A short video of the ocean.

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Foley Black and Whites


Christy, Jesse, and I went to Foley, Gulf Shores, and Fairhope for a variety of reasons including fun!

We stayed in the Key West Inn.  It wasn’t luxury, but it was clean, quiet, nice, and had a pool which we enjoyed.
These first pictures were taken there.

No stay in a motel or hotel is complete without the cleaning cart.  I greatly appreciate the service and almost always tip when checking out.

The last picture was taken at Souvenir City.  The pirate ship facade was cool.
Earlier I posted a color photo taken at the same shop.

These pictures were taken either with an iPhone 4s using the Hipstamatic app or a Lumix GF3.  Any cropping or editing was done either wiith Snapseed or CS3.

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Road Trippin’ June 29


Up at 6am. That’s sleeping late for me. All this playing is tiring. Hehehe. I had my favorite complementary breakfast: coffee, a bagel, and cream cheese. Yummy!
We did some souvenir shopping, picked up some drinks, and Chrisry bought two dresses. One is for tonight and the other for in the morning. She looks ‘hot’ in both!
We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s again. Good food and good service. They treat Jesse like royalty! Doesn’t get much better.
I like the cartoon show South Park. We went to South Park and had a picnic with parts of my family I’d never met. Jesse made a new friend. They had a fun time running and playing.



Obviously it was a different South Park. lol. This one is on Mobile Bay in Fairhope.
A fun time was had by all.