My Hipstamatic Life


I’m doing a little planning for #the100dayproject. I need to post the title of the project on January 31. The start day is close. I need to get busy with ideas.

1. During the 100 days there will be three or more travel days, one oil change, a Safari park, a cardiologist appointment, and I’ll be living away from WHQ for a few days. Those are the things I know about.

2. Currently I intend to do all the photography and video work for the project with an iPhone. The photos will be taken with Hipstamatic X and edited with Snapseed. Videos will recorded with the 8mm app and edited with the Splice app. All this is subject to change at any time.

I’m debating which 8mm filter goes best the the toy camera filter in Hipstamatic X.
Taken with the toy camera filter

3. The concept is to record my everyday life in words, pictures, and video.

4. I need to come up with a unique hash tag too.

  • #myhipstalife
  • #myhipstamaticlife
  • #100nomaddays
  • #xyborgnomadlife

5. Or maybe I should do it all in black and white

6. Suggestions are welcome.


January 2021 has been excellent for me, I hope it has been for you too. I appreciate each of you. Your visits, likes, and comments encourage me. May love and connectedness surround you. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. Vaxx Now

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Not suitable for the close minded.

A Lazy RV Day


Dr Pepper Time
Nap Time
Nap Time
The WHQ Grilled Cheese

Thank you for coming by. Your visits, likes, and comments are a delight. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. Peace an Love

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Personal Notes


1. The Mad Scramble

I shot the video with an iPhone and the 8 mm app. The editing was done using the Splice app. Nova Rain added the voiceover.

2. All this ice-0-lation, self reflection and meditation is bearing fruit. I flipped out some in the last few days. Melancholy! Confusion! At loose ends. Adrift. Then boom. With the help of a friend I peeled off a huge, tough, nasty layer from my onion. “The unbearable lightness of being”. Growth is difficult. But I am better now. Closer to nobody.

3. I’ve been trying to get my oil and filters changed since January 2020. I’ve been turned away once. SpeedCo didn’t have the oil filter. That is just not true. There was some other reason. Beats me. I may have found a good local place. Maybe during July WHQ will be well lubricated once again.

Thanks 😊 so much for coming by and interacting. You brighten my day and bring joy to my heart. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. I love you.

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The 100 Day Project


Days 57 – 63

Basically my project is documenting the first 100 days of my everyday Covid Common Era existence.

Day 57
While visiting a friend, I was challenged to post a random picture. This is the one I took and posted.
Day 58
An urban seed potato.
Day 59
A highkey keyboard
Day 60
If I don’t move he can’t see me.
Day 61
Super boy and his dog
Day 62
Sunset and fishing for catfish
Day 63

Thanks 😊 so much for stopping and interacting. You bring joy to my heart. Stay safe and well out there in the CCE. I love you.

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Not suitable for the small minded.

The Occasional Project



Rusty bottle top

While I’ve been enjoying my ice-o-lation in Paradise I have been into photographing bottle caps.

Green bottle top
Rusty bottle cap
The last one in this series. I drank this Shiner Bock and posed the cap on an old wooden picnic table.

Except for the Shiner Bock, these caps were all on the ground in Paradise. I saw them and photographed them on my morning walks. The Shiner Bock cap was disposed of appropriately.

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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Not suitable for the narrow minded.

Wandering Wednesday Photo


The patriotic photo prompt is from Ingrid, Live Laugh RV. Check out her blog.

This is the Liberty Day Celebration in small town USA. It almost seems like a scene from a Norman Rockwell painting.

Happy Fourth of July.

Peace, love and luck!

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Fisheye Black and White 


I like the fisheye lens from Olloclip.  

These pictures were taken by me at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum with the Hipstamatic app, and the Olloclip fisheye lens on an iPhone 6.  

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I Went to a Garden


I visited The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden in City Park, New Orleans.


OverflowMother and ChildTravelin’ LightKarma by Do Ho Suh

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Shiny Rocks v.6


A week late, but here it is, the latest edition of Shiny Rocks.


Peace in the brain. It is a very good thing. ~ Joanna DeVoe The KICKASS WITCH : Putting The “K” In Magick
The greenest building is the one that is already built. ~ Adaptive Reuse

 Web sites

For $5 a month E-junkie will help you sell your stuff.
Do you have expertise to sell?  Clarify will help you do that.
Web We Want is a global movement to defend, claim and change the future of the Web.  Connect, share and take action with others to build the Web we want.

Thoughts I thunk

Escape the cult of average.

Change the lens and change reality.

The magic sword of truth.
The odd thing is we all seem to have our own truth.

People have made a lot of rules.  Rules aren’t bad.  They help in a lot of cases.  But life isn’t about rules.  Learn and teach critical thinking and what is right in a situation becomes easier to find.

Relax, take a deep breath.  Get ready.  It’s going to change.

Interesting idea

Positive Psychology  Positive psychologists seek “to find and nurture genius and talent” and “to make normal life more fulfilling”, rather than merely treating mental illness. Positive psychology is primarily concerned with using the psychological theory, research and intervention techniques to understand the positive, adaptive, creative and emotionally fulfilling aspects of human behavior.

He learned to measure the stars.  Now he is going home.

 Double exposure

Photographic evidence that a child can be in two places at once.


People who can see me in non-cyber space know I love shiny rocks.  I pick them up.  I carry them with me. I randomly give them away. I accept them as gifts. They sit on windowsills and tables.
This is the fourth in a series of biweekly features about sharing the gems and jewels I find along the way  (quotes, songs, thoughts, notes, websites, photos I take, photos I see).   I hope you like the shiny cyber rocks. I may update Shiny Rocks all during the day as I come across new shiny things.
If you have some shiny rocks you’d like to share leave them in the comments.   Let me know what you think.
May truth, love, and light embrace you and emanate from you.

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Shiny Rocks V.5
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Fotog Play V2.2


I don’t think I’ve posted any of these before. Forgive me if I have.

DeSoto Family Fun Park
There is a nice cave to visit.

Something new is opening in the town down the road. It looks like it will be an interesting place.

These experiments help me see new directions I could take with photography.

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Other pictures in this series
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