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Scene 1:

I posted a new 1SE video. It’s one or so seconds from each day in my April.

Scene 2:

I had lunch at Tin Top BBQ #2. I got my pig wing fix for this summer. They were delicious as usual.
I was looking for a table. This gentleman in a driving cap invited me to join him. He told some good stories about his life. One was about how he worked his way up in ACIPO from sweeping the floor to being in charge of one section. He is 86 years old and still married to the same woman. We had a nice chat over lunch.

Scene 3:

On my. There are Peeps still hiding in WHQ. I can’t find them anywhere and there aren’t a lot of places.

I hope they escaped. I’d hate to find their dried out remains later.

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Back in Paradise


It’s the one and only Xyborg Nomad. Me wearing my favorite hat in paradise. Canadian geese
This lovely pair had 8 goslings.A Canadian Geese family
Here are the goslings. I had to use software zoom so it’s blurry and pixelated but you get the idea. Food bridge
A new foot bridge. This creates a shortcut from the RV Park to the restaurant.
A dirty golf ball I find golf balls in some unsual locations. This is on the patio at the marina restaurant.Outside dining The ouside dining area is my favorite place to sit. Wild flowers: Blackberry blossomsOne of the things I like most about camping at Paradise Point is the wild flowers. Spring, summer and fall mother shows her colors in big ways.

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Inverter/Charger Issues


Since December 24th my Freedom 458 has been malfunctioning.

Today RV tech Jack stopped by and told me the Freedom 458 was broken and needed to be replaced. I ordered a new one from Xantrex for $1,070 and change. It should be here Thursday.

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*Part of the RV Life Project

Update 7-14: Helpful RVing Links


In my RV research, I’ve found some helpful blogs and websites.
(New items are green)

Diamond RV
DeMontrond RV

Go RVing

Family Motor Coach Association
Good Sam Club 

MotorHome Magazine

Allstays Camp and RV-Tent Camping to RV Parks


Wheeling It

Technomads: Technology Enabled Nomads
Cherie & Chris post a lot of useful information about RVing particularly technology.

Howard and Linda’s site is dedicated to the use of RV’s in the pursuit of a dream lifestyle.

Winnie Views
Lynne and Millie’s adventures on the road.

Living In My Car
Jennifer and her child living out of  a van

The goal of NüRVers.com is to build our tribe in the RVing community. We’re here to share interests and ideas, discuss the benefits and hassles of working on the road, and to try to bring our worlds a little closer by holding spontaneous gatherings on occasion.

RV Lifestyle Experts
Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak and Alice Zyetz’s website provides a wide variety of information on living the RV lifestyle.

Cheap RV Living and the sister site Cheap Green RV Living
Both sites focus on living inexpensively in an RV.

Go one step further with ‘take the road less traveled’ and create your own unique path. I write for those interested in RVing on more than just an occasional basis pre- retirement, and for anyone who dares to dream of a more fulfilling life.

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Searching for RVs
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Searching for RVs


Now and again, while searching for my RV, I run across something unique that changes what I would like.

This is one of those unique somethings.

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I Was Surprised

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several times

I’ve been steadily working on moving my possessions to other people.   I’ve made a lot of progress in my office at work.   File drawers are getting emptier.  The shelves are getting bare.   The desk is actually becoming visible in a few places.  On Monday, I’ll do some pictures or a video to show you.   Pretty cool!
At home I’ve worked in the yard a little bit more.  Seems nature is more determined than I am.   Lots to do there, the garage, and in the shop.
Inside things are better than I realized.   Several loads have gone to the donation center.   A few days ago,  I was looking for some items to put in an online swap meet on Xanga and had a difficult time coming up with items.  There is a lot more gone than I realized.  w00t! w00t!
That was a REAL surprise!  I didn’t realize I’d made that much progress.

I’ve been looking at and for an RV forum to join.  I did manage to join one, RVNet.  The other one I attempted join,  The friendliest place on the web for anyone with an RV or an interest in RVing didn’t work no matter how many times I tried different things.  What a surprise!  I’m still looking for others.  If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Another surprise had to do with relationships.  rofl  It shouldn’t have been a surprise but it was.  Over a period of years, my mind read more into things than were really there (that isn’t a surprise).    Seems every time I’ve thought I was important, I was mistaken.   I’m so glad the universe gave me a heads up.   Now I can change my behavior before things get bad.    Cool Beans!

There is an exciting adventure coming up in February.  Stay tuned!

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