A Leaky Update


If you’ve been following my latest misadventure you know about my roof leaking. I was dubious about finding a roofer.
However, I was lucky today.
The first roofer I called was able to come look at the roof.  Even better, his wife is one of my former students and really likes me. She was telling her  roofer husband what a great teacher and person I am.  I think that translated into a good deal. He put tar on a several places that were obvious leak points and he didn’t charge me anything. Now I don’t know if that is because of his wife or because he says the leaks were caused by hail and he thinks my insurance company will pay the total cost of a new roof minus the deductible.
I went by my insurance agent’s place and filed a claim. The adjuster called and he will be here tomorrow at 2:30 hopefully with the roofer in tow.
Stay tuned for My Leaky Roof v3.

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A flamingo at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.









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