Scavenger Hunt

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This is from This is Not a Book by Keri Smith.

1. Seed podSeed pods

2. Something red A red, unripe, wild blackberry

3. The definition of a word I don’t know. Definition of palindrome

4. A puzzle to complete Boxes of puzzles

5. A secret codeSecret code

6. A scientific theorem
Bell’s Theorem
First published Wed Jul 21, 2004; substantive revision Wed Mar 13, 2019
Bell’s Theorem is the collective name for a family of results, all of which involve the derivation, from a condition on probability distributions inspired by considerations of local causality, together with auxiliary assumptions usually thought of as mild side-assumptions, of probabilistic predictions about the results of spatially separated experiments that conflict, for appropriate choices of quantum states and experiments, with quantum mechanical predictions. These probabilistic predictions take the form of inequalities that must be satisfied by correlations derived from any theory satisfying the conditions of the proof, but which are violated, under certain circumstances, by correlations calculated from quantum mechanics. Inequalities of this type are known as Bell inequalities, or sometimes, Bell-type inequalities. Bell’s theorem shows that no theory that satisfies the conditions imposed can reproduce the probabilistic predictions of quantum mechanics under all circumstances.

The principal condition used to derive Bell inequalities is a condition that may be called Bell locality, or factorizability. It is, roughly, the condition that any correlations between distant events be explicable in local terms, as due to states of affairs at the common source of the particles upon which the experiments are performed.”

7. Something that was alive Dead Turtle

*Part of the Death In Paradise series

8. A mapHand drawn map

9. A footnote
C.B. Parker (1994). McGraw-Hill Encyclopaedia of Physics (2nd ed.). McGraw-Hill. p. 542. ISBN 978-0-07-051400-3. Bell himself wrote: “If [a hidden variable theory] is local it will not agree with quantum mechanics, and if it agrees with quantum mechanics it will not be local. This is what the theorem says.” John Bell, Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics, Cambridge University Press, 1987, p. 65.

10. Something that was lostShattered UV filter

I lost this UV filter when the camera landed nose first on the asphalt.

11. A piece of threadThread on the ground

As seen in Paradise Point Marina parking lot

12. A ticket stubTicket stubsSiluria AL

13. Something with a circle on itInter-dimensional Space Time Portal

Don’t forget your Universal Passport

14. A palindrome: MADAM

15. A piece of toilet paperA clean piece of toilet paper

Toilet paper hanging from WHQ’s toilet paper dispenser.

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Personal Notes


Scene 1:

I posted a new 1SE video. It’s one or so seconds from each day in my April.

Scene 2:

I had lunch at Tin Top BBQ #2. I got my pig wing fix for this summer. They were delicious as usual.
I was looking for a table. This gentleman in a driving cap invited me to join him. He told some good stories about his life. One was about how he worked his way up in ACIPO from sweeping the floor to being in charge of one section. He is 86 years old and still married to the same woman. We had a nice chat over lunch.

Scene 3:

On my. There are Peeps still hiding in WHQ. I can’t find them anywhere and there aren’t a lot of places.

I hope they escaped. I’d hate to find their dried out remains later.

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What is You’re Creative Type?

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Give it a whirl

What did you get?

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As children we had great imaginations.
Some say we loose it as we grow up.

Do we?


Some imagine scary stuff.
Some imagine happy stuff.
Some imagine magic.
Some imagine so powerfully they need medication.
I imagine wonderful things as much as I possibly can.

What do you imagine?

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

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The Fortune Cookies


Recently I can upon two fortune cookies. As a general rule, fortune cookie fortunes don’t really relate to my life. However, these are different.

I am a full time RVer. Most days involve some risk. Just having the road for a yard explains a lot.

I did prosper in the field of education for 30+ years. I might again.
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*Part of the MBWR Project

Thank God I’m Single Day


I’m the one!

There are times
I get lonely
I wish for companionship
But for the post part
I am happy with my own company
I do as I please
When I please
Peace and quiet is rarely an issue
Sleep late
No worries
Get up at 3am
Make noise
Beat the drum
No worries
Come and go
Where and when I please
No explaining
In celebration
I’m taking myself out for lunch
Pho it is
Or maybe that sketchy Honduran place
Or Mama’s Waffles and Wings
Pho for the winPho and garnishes

Happy love day, today and everyday!❤️

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*Part of the NOLA Project

Grateful Day


The Magic in the Everyday blog posted a gratitude list. I haven’t shared one in a while. I have shared anything in a while. It’s past time.

Some things I’m grateful for on this day:

1. My rolling home and my nomadic life.

2. I have new house batteries. It was way past time.

3. The front AC is supposed to be replaced today.

4. I am alive and the people I love are alive. All but one. I lost a friend a few days ago. I never met her in person but we were long time friends.

5. I eat a lot of fruit. I am grateful it is available and not too expensive. I’m grateful that I have food and clean water. So many do not.

6. I am grateful for good health and the ability to get out and have adventures.

Yellow Wildflowers

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*Part of my Lost in Paradise Project

Happiness Project 50

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It is a beautiful morning here. The sun is spreading it’s beautiful light across the landscape. Children ride their bicycles up and down the lane. It’s a quiet morning. Contentment seems to fill the air.

1.  What other people think

There were times in my life when I cared deeply about what others thought of me. Sometimes I cared what they thought of things. The pain that caused me was a great teacher. As time passed I cared less and about what others’ thought. I listen. I hear. I will talk about it. I was once described as a man who really cared, but didn’t care. Like a lot of things, I too am a paradox. Not being overly concerned about what others may think or say about me or about events or things has brought a lot of peace and happiness into my realm.

2.  I love my life

I have shaped a life I love, one in which I can thrive. I know it will change but for now it rocks!

3. Gratitude Helps and Heals

@Zeal4living recently wrote about gratitude. Starting each day being grateful helps me be happy. Today I am thankful for my rolling home, my nomadic life, and flexibility of mind and spirit to be able to live this way.

Much love to you.

Share your joy. Tell use something that made you happy this week.

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Everyday Magic


I follow the Magic in the Everyday blog. It is cool. You might like it too. It’s upbeat and fun.

Recently the author posted a list of things that made her feel lucky and she challenged her readers to give it a try.

Here is my list of things that make me feel lucky.

1. I am still alive. My pacemaker keeps the ticker ticking.
2. I live in my rolling home and go where I please.
3. I am active and in pretty good physical shape.
4. I feel free.
5. I don’t need permission.
6. I have sufficient income.
7. My time is my own.
8. I drive a wonderful Jeep Wrangler.
9. I love and I am loved.
10. I love my lifestyle.

These also things that make me happy and things for which I am grateful.

What makes you feel lucky?

Peace and love and luck!

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Lost in Paradise Con’t

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Being Lost in Paradise requires appropriate music.

I think Jimmy Buffett’s Cheeseburger in Paradise is perfect for this occasion. Maybe I’ll even have a cheeseburger in paradise before I go.

Much love to you.

Share your joy. Tell use something that made you happy this week.

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