Happy Birthday Ram Dass


“Ram Dass was born on this day in 1933. One of the pioneers of the New Age movement, he has taught us all to “be here now.” To celebrate with him, you might: 

“Treat everyone you meet like God in drag.” (from One-Liners: A Mini-Manual for a Spiritual Life)


“One of the best parts of aging is entering the ‘don’t know,’ learning to be someone who can rest comfortably in uncertainty.” (from Still Here)

For some more ideas see Spirituality and Practice . 

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Me and My Shadow Work


This morning I came across this tidbit on the book of faces.

“People’s power…to take you out of your equanimity and love and consciousness has to do with your own attachments and clingings of mind. That’s your work on yourself, that’s where you need to meditate more, it’s where you need to reflect more, it’s where you need a deeper philosophical framework, it’s where you need to cultivate the witness more, it’s where you need to work on practicing opening your heart more in circumstances that aren’t optimum. This is your work.” – Ram Dass

When I feel like blaming another for causing me to be less than peaceful/mindful, then I know I’ve found a shadow in my life that needs to be pulled out to have some light shined upon it.

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