Christy, Jesse, and I went to Weogufka Creek.  We visited the underwater bridge and Horse Stomp.

I forgot Spaz.   She went with us too.

We were all excited, but nothing compares to the excitement of a child.
Christy and Jesse shared some really fun mother and son time.   Of course you can’t suppress an addicted photographer.  She got some good shots of Jesse while they were playing.

We had a nice picnic lunch. Christy packed juice, Mountain Dew, Corona, Pringles, chipolata  spread, and sandwiches. Yummy!  We had to eat in shifts.  One ate while the other played in the creek with Jesse.  FUN!

One of the coolest parts of visiting here is all the butterflies.  We saw so many: big, little, yellow, black, and blue.  They are almost always there except in the coldest parts of winter.

Adventures morph into new adventures.  We headed home to hook up with Jeremy and have a delicious Christy made dinner:  rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, and salad.

Pictures were taken with a Lumix GF3 sporting an Olympus 40-150mm lens.   Editing was done in CS3.

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